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Music Zone DJ Agency provides DJs to music promoters short and long term, we plan Music Events including Open Decks Nights, UK Based.

Welcome to Music Zone DJ Agency

What type of events do we cater for?

We provide DJs for all types of live events; the list includes Bars, Clubs, Corporate, Festivals, Holiday resorts, Hotel PR Events & Weddings.

What type of DJs can we provide you?

Whether you're having a one-off event or in search of a new resident DJ, we can assist. We have a variety of Talented DJs that play most music genres. Our DJ roster does not provide sound systems as they are strictly Mix DJs. You will need to provide your own.

What genres of club music do our DJs play?

We have Talented DJs who play most styles ranging from deep house, tech house & funky house. We also have talented DJs who play EDM, Drum & Bass, and Trap.

What if I want commercial or urban music?

Whether you want urban or commercial music, we have DJ to support your needs. You have a choice of RnB, trap, hip hop & garage talent. For Commercial events, we can provide you with dance, pop & open format DJs. Rest assured that we will go above and beyond to find you the right DJ playing the right genre, right when you need them.

How can I listen to the DJs before Booking?

You can listen to our Talented DJ roster play the Best Dance Floor Tunes on our DJ Agency's new Online Radio Station.
Open Decks Radio or look to your top left where it says:
DJs List and click on the Listen to DJ Name link above the DJs image to check if they've uploaded a Mix of any kind.

DJs interested in scheduling slots to play a Set on Open Decks Radio can
Learn more here.

Open Decks Radio

What is Open Decks Radio What Is Open Decks Radio?

Open Decks Radio is an Internet Radio Station that allows Talented DJs to play and broadcast their Sets from home. The new station welcomes DJs playing all genres of dance music.

How do I get start with radio DJing

How do I get started?

If you are interested in Radio DJing and would like to play a Set on (Open Decks Radio), Now is your chance.

1) All you need to do is create a schedule by providing us with a (Streamer Username, we will provide you with a Password.
This is for your mixer software to connect with our server for you to broadcast.

2) You will also need to provide a (Streamer Display Name); This can be your DJ Name. This is the name you want people to see online while they listen to you.

3) Finally, you will need to provide a (Date) and a (From/To) Time Slot that you would like to play.

How do things run at Open Decks Radio Station

How does it work?

(Open Decks Radio) runs 24hrs per day, Monday - Saturday, and you can schedule a minimum of (1) hour and a maximum of (4) hours time slots each day.

Once we have set things up on our end, we will provide you with all the necessary connection details for whichever broadcast-capable DJ mixing software you use.

What equiptment will I need to DJ on Open Decks Radio Station

What equiptment will I need?

Here’s a link to free broadcast-capable DJ mixing software called Mixxx:

Download Mixxx 2.3.1 for Windows 7 or later. Download Mixxx 2.3.1 for macOS 10.11 or later for (Intel).

PA equipment can also be used but must be run through a PC/Mac with the use of; Altacast or BUTT installed, with either Shoutcast or Icecast as the streaming server selected.

Can I get technical support if I have a problem setting up DJ equiptment?

Can I get support if I have problems?

For free friendly help to get set up, call (Terry) on Landline: 01795436118 Mobile: 07746890635 or Email:

What are the main Rules of Open Decks Radio?

What are the main Rules of Open Decks Radio?
You must be 18+ years old to sign up. Personal advertising is not allowed.
No advertising of personal telephone numbers, email addresses, promoting of your own gigs, or business of any kind as this is our department. Use of offensive language, threatening behaviour, homophobia, racism, sexism is not tolerated from DJs.
Music containing explicit lyrics is acceptable in moderation.
We reserve the right to suspend accounts found to be breaking our rules.
The station is strictly for showcasing your music and mixing talent.

Radio Station Links for Open Decks Radio

These are the station links:

Mobile Open Decks Radio
Desktop OpenDecks Radio
Open Decks Radio Media Player
How much does it cost to DJ on Open Decks Radio

How much does it cost?

Contact us for further details:

Advanced bookings are advised! Further info

  • Mixxx
  • Open Decks Night
Download Mixxx Download
For Help Call:
DJ Signup Signup
Bars, Clubs, Pubs, etc, you can now transform your quite nights to Vibrant and Busy; with Open Deck Nights. These Open Deck Nights can be tailored to suit the demographics you want to attract. Open Deck Nights have resulted in previous venues gaining increased earning, increased popularity as well as making unforgettable moments. They are also a great way to support local Talent.
This opportunity doesn't require any initial investment from you. For further inquiries contact (Terry): 01795436118 Mob: 07746890635 or E-mail:
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