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Frequently Asked Questions
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Login and click the Link that says (Email) > From the Mailing List, check the boxes of the Email addresses that you want to message or at the bottom of the page press the Button that says (Check All) > Next, click the Button that says (Compose Email) > On the next page, compose your message as needed and press the Button that says (Submit) to send your message.

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Payments and Commisions

With it’s Totally Free to Advertise Event/s that does not require us to dispense Tickets via this Website.

If you would like to Sell Tickets to your Event/s on this Website, we charge 0.05% commission for all Events.

When registering to place a Ticketed Event Advert on this Website, you need to register an active PayPal email Address in order to receive payments from Customers.

We charge 0.05% in advance once your Tickets are made available for Sale on this Website.

After placing your Ticketed Event Advert on this Website, you’ll be provided with a PayPal payment Button, where you must pay 0.05% of the total value of your Events Tickets being sold.

We reserve the right to remove any Adverts that are not paid for.

Remember Ads are Free that don’t require Tickets.

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