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Get Free Advertising for your Business Networking Events is an Internet based Events Management and Ticket platform for Small, Medium and Large Business. It allows you to place Free Ads and dispense Tickets via Web, SMS and Email, to your Business Networking Events. This tool will provide you with useful features and guidance such as:


  1. Advise and Help with organizing Events

  2. How to promote your Business Networking Event/s via Social Media.

  3. Learn how to save money on hiring Event locations, Insurance, Staff etc by setting up a Business Networking Skype Conference.

  4. How to send update notifications to your entire Business Networking Event's mailing list, once you've setup a free fit4aking account.


Get free advice to help you hold successful Business Networking Events
We offer advice about Insurance, Locations, Transport, Marketing, On/Offline Promotion, Staff; Catering, Cloak Room, Reception, Security and more. For further help, click on our (Contact us) link, found on the top menu bar of this websites home page. Business Networking Events are mainly what we specialize in but are not restricted to. If you have any other type of Event/s that you would like to advertise then you can still place a free Ad but are advised to read our terms. If you have any questions, Email: We will normally respond within one hour.


A Business Networking Event that's right for you
Our Business Networking Events are kept varied so there's something for everyone. We use PayPal for all our online transactions, so purchasing Tickets on this website is reliable easy to use and secure. Be the first in the queue for all our Events by booking in advance here. Follow the Event Planners and stay updated with all their upcoming Events by Clicking there link that says (Join this Events Mailing List), Found on the home page immediately under where it says: (Click here for event details). For further help, Email: or use our chat box located on the bottom right of your browser.

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